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The association has as its aims to promote and safeguard the interests of the members, and to preserve and improve the quality of the environment and of the amenities in Southampton in general and in the North West Bassett area in particular. Membership of the association is open to any person over 18 years of age who either lives within the association's boundaries, or who shares the aims of the organisation.

North West Bassett is an area of the city of Southampton, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. The area is identified as being bounded by; the Western side of Bassett Avenue, Holly Brook, Bassett Row, Lingwood Close and Fitzroy Close, and Pine Way and part of Roman Road to the North.

Latest news highlights:

Potential additional traffic in Bassett/Chilworth area - 10pm Friday 28 September to 5am Monday 1 October 2018.

Because of a closure on the M27 traffic will be diverted through the Bassett/Chilworth area.

More information can be found in the attached document:

M27 Closure letter.

More Information can be found on the Highways UK website Here.

AGM Minutes and newsletters added to the documents page.

Older Driver Awareness Week 'Driving Safely for Longer'.

Monday 1st October to Friday 5th October 2018 

 There are currently just over 5.1 million people in the UK aged 70 and over driving on our roads and the expectation is that this will double if not treble in the next 20 years as we all live longer. The oldest person who holds a driving licence is a male aged 107 years. Hampshire is shown as having the highest number of older drivers outside London. We know that older motorists have a wealth of experience, confidence and tolerance. However, sight, hearing, reaction time and judgement of speed and distance may not be as sharp as it once was. Fragility increases with age, so injuries tend to be more serious and recovery takes much longer. Casualty rates do increase for car drivers aged over about 65, and the fatality rate increases significantly. That’s where The Older Drivers Forum come in. 

 The forum is about keeping mature motorists on the road safely for longer. Whether that’s helping giving you practical and informative help and support to continue driving or pointing you in the right direction for an assessment to identify your driving needs – from wing mirror adapters to an elevated driving seat – they're here to help. they're a not-for-profit group made up of experts in road safety from across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – from representatives from the emergency services, to charities, local authorities and businesses specialising in keeping older people on the road. If you know an older driver, have contact with them regularly in your job or are perhaps just concerned for a friend or relative who is still driving then the Older Driver Forum may be able to help. 

Please visit their website Older Drivers Forum Hampshire for more information. 

 From Monday 1st October to Friday 5th October 2018, and in support of Older Peoples Day (Oct 1st), the forum is holding an Older Driver Awareness Week offering advice and tips that will help older drivers continue to drive safely or help them to decide when to stop. They will be visiting 5 different venues throughout the week: ·           

  •  Monday, October  1st  – Brockenhurst Village Hall, Highwood Road, Brockenhurst SO42 7RY ·           
  •  Tuesday, October 2nd – Haskins Garden Centre, West End, Southampton ·           
  •  Wednesday, October 3rd – Waterlooville Community Centre, 10 Maurepas Way, Waterlooville PO7 7AY ·           
  •  Thursday, October 4th – Festival Place Shopping Centre, Basingstoke ·           
  •  Friday, October 5th – St Thomas's Square and Newport Minister, Newport, Isle of Wight. 

The event is free to attend and open between 9.30am to 3pm, no appointment is required and people can pop in anytime during these hours. The events are aimed at anyone with an interest, from older drivers themselves, to friends and relatives.

More information can be found on the News page.

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Vote in the Bassett Area Plan Referendum
Make sure you vote in the Referendum on the Bassett Area Plan to be held on 25 Feb 2016.

More information on the News page.

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